Squam Art Workshops

by melissajeandesign

It’s hard to put into words what Squam meant to me this Spring without gushing.  It was magical, inspiring, perfect….it was like letting go and having everything work out. There was no stress, well maybe a little when reading the Shetland Lace charts during Gudrun’s class, but I can handle that kind of stress any day! Everything felt effortless and charmed.

I wish I had taken more and better pictures, but here are a few that captured some of the essence of Squam.


Squam 001

Squam 006

Squam 007

Squam 008

Squam 009

Squam 013

Squam 015

Squam 019

Squam 021

Squam 022

Squam 027

Squam 033

Squam 046

Squam 049

Squam 051

Squam 052

Squam 063

Squam 068

Squam 073

Squam 074

Squam 078

Squam 082

Squam 092


Squam 097

Squam 098